I’m proud to announce that EQ10Q has finally reached a release version. After an intensive testing in my own recording studio EQ10Q plugins have obtained a production-ready state. Stability and performance have been proved under various mixing sessions. Furthermore, the features included in the plugin bundle provides the flexibility to overcome most audio dynamics and frequency processing needs.

This release includes the following new features:

  • Mid/Side matrix plugins
  • (CS10QM & CS10QM) Added Feedback compression mode (side-chain signal is picked from output instead of input)
  • Added mid/side modes in EQ10Q stereo versions
  • GUI optimizations
  • Improved FFT drawings
  • Added dry/wet in dynamics plugins (compressor and gate)
  • Added zoom and scroll for the eq plot window

I strongly recommend to every user to upgrade to EQ10Q 2.0. Start enjoining the new features and the first stable release of these plugins.

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