EQ10Q is an audio plugin bundle over the LV2 standard (http://lv2plug.in) implementing a powerful and flexible parametric equalizer and more, take a look in “Included Plugins” to get a complete idea of what is EQ10Q about.

All audio processing developed in this project is written in C language and highly optimized focusing on DSP load reduction yet keeping a superb audio quality, the audio engine is always working in 64 bits floating point maths but interfacing with LV2 ports using the standard 32 bits numbers. We believe that a good plugin is not completely useful without a full featured graphical user interface (GUI) that provides the correct way to set it up. For this reason, each plugin distributed in this bundle is supplied with a nice GUI. These GUI’s are written in C++ and Gtkmm libraries to gain a great control over the graphics.
The project is licensed under GPL so feel free to copy, redistribute and modify. Although, if your are really convinced of doing some possible interesting changes in the source code, please mail me and we can discuss about incorporating your awesome ideas in the main project.


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