EQ10Q is an audio plugin over the LV2 standard (http://lv2plug.in) implementing a powerfull and flexible parametric equalizer. EQ10Q equalizer plugin includes parametric equalization with diferent filter types like peaking, HPF, LPF, Shelving and Notch with IIR algorithms and a nice GUI displaying the equalization curve.
At the moment we have implemented second order biquadratic filters (Peaking, Low Shelving, High Shelving and Notch), and configurable order (1, 2, 3, 4) HPF and LPF filters. All with IIR algorithms. And a GUI writed with Gtkmm (http://www.gtkmm.org) to control all the parameters and display the curve.

EQ10Q is now on the final development steps of version 2. This version includes new features and improvements, please check the features page for more information.

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