A new version of EQ10Q is released today under the name “Beta5”. This release includes some small improvements on the GUI drawings, a major bug fix and two completely new plugins.

A major bug was found in previous version of EQ10Q, this bug only arises when a multicore cpu is used for audio processing with multithread processing. This issue is full fixed in this release and running multiple instances of EQ10Q simultaneously will not cause more troubles anymore.

This versions includes a big surprise, two new plugins! A mono gate plugin (GT10Q) and a mono compressor plugin (CS10Q) are added to EQ10Q plugins bundle with intention to fill the gap in mono dynamics processing. The next picture shows an screenshot of these new plugins.

The internal audio processing of the EQ10Q dynamic plugins it’s very optimized to reduce the CPU usage in order to reduce the overall DSP utilization when working in a multitrack environment with full dynamics processing in every channel.

You can download this new version at the usual place.

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