We are proud to announce the 2.2 version of EQ10Q plugins. Starting from this release we provide binaries for broad range of Linux platforms. All of those binaries are distributed in a single easy-install package, check the Get it! page to download it. These binaries were build using carefully selected versions of libraries that allows the same plugin to run on the LV2 hosts provided by your Linux distribution and Ardour versions provided from ardour.org.
Apart from the installer, just a few thinks have changed from the previous release, here it is the list:

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed some mistakes in ttl files.

New features:

  • Added a binary installer.


  • Meters ranges are modified to more appropriate values. The dynamics gain reduction meter is reduced to better control subtle compression.
  • GUI modified to use the same library for each plugin type. This translates to a faster build and less memory/hdd space usage.

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