After some months of work we are proud to announce the 2.1 release of EQ10Q plugins bundle. In this release many things have improved and all known bugs have been fixed. The top addition in this release is a new plugin consisting in a side-chain input compressor with the names CS10QM-SC and CS10QS-SC for the mono and stereo versions respectively. However, it also deserves mention the large improvements made in gate and compressor plugins (GT10QM, GT10QS, CS10QM and CS10QS). Gate plugins now includes a powerful expander featuring “ratio” control and a new attack shaping based on S-curve for a better handling transients with fast attack settings. The compressor has been improved by adding two new controls: “Punch” and “S-Release”. The punch control alters the compression attack shape to retain some of the transients allowing a more punchy sound. The S-Release mode changes the release shape to a more linear gain recuperation. In addition, the gain recuperation in S-Release mode is material-dependent in similar way as opto-compressors do. We believe that such additions in dynamics processors adds a great flexibility that is not usually seen integrated in only one plugin.

 Apart of this, some improvements have been made in the DSP code of the equalizer and also in the GUI. As ever, you can get the latest release going to the “Get it!” section. 

Here it is the full list of changes in this release:

 Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug in compressor feedback mode when key listening is active.
  • Fixed compressor in feedback mode makeup gain. Now makeup does not alter compression.
  • Fixed a bug causing memory issues (sometimes leading to crash) in FFT calculations.
  • Fixed some errors in ttl files.

 New features:

  • Added S curve shape for gate attack.
  • Added S-Release mode for compressor providing a sort of opto-compressor emulation.
  • Changed some ports limits and defaults settings in dynamics plugins.
  • Added and expander integrated in the gate plugin
  • Added Side-Chain input compressors
  • Added compressor “Punch” control


  • Improved EQ parameter interpolation.
  • Added units property in ttl files (this allow an easier automation).
  • Improved EQ graph display.
  • Knobs GUI improvements.
  • Now an EQ band is enabled by simply dragging the control ball on EQ curve display.

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