EQ10Q version 2 Beta7 has been released today. This version supplies massive new features and improvements. The changes introduced in this version can be divided in two aspects. First, the whole GUI has been redesigned to provide a finer control over the plugin yet a more elegant look and feel. Moreover, a lot of widgets have been completely reviewed to reduce the system resources usage. The curve displaying the frequency response of the equalizer has also been reworked to show the actual DSP behavior, instead of the analog filter equivalent as was done in previous EQ10Q releases. In addition, curve plots have been added for the gate and compressor plugins representing the dynamics processor transfer function.

The second major part added in this release is the build-in frequency analyzer. Enabling the FFT button in equalizer plugins provides a graphical real-time frequency power representation, facilitating the selection of critical frequencies during the equalization process. Two modes of FFT visualization have been implemented. The first one is a simple spectra view; the second one is a spectrogram view. Please, be warned that the inclusion of the analyzer has added the dependency of the FFTW3 library, so be sure to get it before trying to build EQ10Q-2-Beta7.
As always, your feedback is welcome and I hope the new GUI will fit your expectations.

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