EQ10Q v2 Beta6 is released today. With this beta the eq10q project enters in a feature freeze state so no more plugins will be added till the beta state finishes. Also, we expect that this will be the last beta hopping the next version will be the first eq10q release version (2.0).
This beta includes the following new features:
– Added the BassUp plugin (check it in “Included Plugins” page)
– Added stereo versions for GT10Q (Gate) and CS10Q (Compressor)
– Some GUI improvements (updated screenshots in “Included Plugins” page)
– Added interpolation for all parameters to avoid pops and clicks during the adjustment
– From this release, all audio processing is now done in 64 bits floating point numbers. Some tests together with computer science have demonstrated that 64 bits processing is actually as fast or even faster than 32 bits floating point operation on modern computers. EQ10Q project take advantage of this and obtains a better audio processing resolution without increasing the DSP load.
As usually, we encourage all users to update to the new version at the usual place.

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